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    High Protein Iced Coffee


    Get a delicious, refreshing pick-me-up to help keep you going throughout your day with this tasty blend of real coffee and whey protein. Without as much sugar found in many flavored coffeehouse drinks, High Protein Iced Coffee is an ice-cold, nutritious snack to refresh any moment of the day.

    Protein is vital to a healthy diet, as it’s one of the essential building blocks for many cell components in your body. Protein helps satisfy hunger, build muscle tissue, maintain lean muscle mass and give you energy.

    Key Benefits
    • 15 g protein per serving
    • 100 calories per serving
    • 2 g sugar per serving
    • 80 mg caffeine per serving
    • Low fat
    • No artificial flavors or added colors

    High Protein Iced Coffee

    • For best results, fill shaker cup with 8-12 fl. oz. of cold water. Add 2 scoops of High Protein Iced Coffee. Shake and pour over ice.
    • Alternative preparation method: Use blender on low speed instead of shaker cup.
    • Enjoy 2 servings per day
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