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    Herbal Aloe Concentrate

    Our Herbal Aloe products, available in original and delicious mango, cranberry and mandarin flavours, are formulated with premium-quality aloe vera and is a great replacement for soda or high-sugar juices. NEW Herbal Aloe Concentrate Video - Watch and Share
    Key Benefits
    • Provides nutrients from the aloe vera plant.
    • Choose from ready-to-drink and concentrate and options.

    Herbal Aloe Concentrate

    • Herbal Aloe Drink (1 litre or 1 gallon)
    • Herbal Aloe Concentrate (473 ml)
    • Herbal Aloe Drink: Drink as desired.
    • Herbal Aloe Concentrate: Mix three capfuls (15 ml) with 120 ml water. To prepare 1 litre, mix 120 ml concentrate with 950 ml water.
    • Herbal Aloe Powder Drink Mix: Mix one scoop with 250 ml of water or to taste.
    †Available for Herbal Aloe Concentrate and Herbal Aloe Powder only.
    SKUProduct / TypeProduct Label
    2631Mandarin 473 mL
    1189Cranberry 473ml
    1065Mango 473 ml
    0006Original 473 mL
    0004Ready-to-drink Original 3.785 L (gallon)

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