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Herbal Aloe Concentrate Mango

Herbal Aloe Concentrate Mango contains aloe that soothes the stomach and supports nutrient absorption and intestinal health.
Key Benefits
  • Soothes the stomach
  • Supports healthy digestion
  • Relieves occasional indigestion
  • Supports nutrient absorption and intestinal health

Herbal Aloe Concentrate Mango

Herbal Aloe Concentrate Mango is made with aloe which helps support healthy digestion.
Mix 3 capfuls (1/2 fl. oz.) with 4 fl. oz. of water. To prepare 1 quart of drink, mix 1/2 cup concentrate with 1 quart of water. Add to your favorite beverage. Refrigerate after opening.
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1188Mango 1/2 Gallon

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